April 10, 2010

PK Needs Your Help

Lately I have gotten quite a few comments on my blog as well as messages/convos in game about my blog. I appreciate all the support that you have given me.

I don't really toot my horn all that much. I simply write about my thoughts and my experiences. I am politically involved, as I am in a 0.0 Alliance. I try to be fair when I write but I will have my own opinions. Please, do not take offense if you are one of my "enemies". Yet much of the information I provide is applicable to anyone/everyone that plays the game. I try to leave as much of the EVE "porn" (for those that are unfamiliar, this is a slang term currently in use to describe EVE political gossip) to Kugu's forums.

That being said, I need your help.

With what, you ask?

Spread the word. Many of you ask why I am not on the blog pak, or not more widely heard of. The simple reason is that I only recently started this blog (recently being a few months instead of a year or two ago). If there are relevant topics and information to you or your own readers, link my articles. Comment it up on my page, linking your own articles. Tell friends, corpmates, etc. If you want to see me on the blog pak, let others know. As much as I love to see articles :/ on mining, missioning, markets, excuses as to why I'm not writing or quitting EVE/blogging, I know you all like a good PVP blog. I also see very few blogs that are involved in this historic war (-A- guys, I hope to see you soon :-)) which is impacting EVE players on all levels. I also know there are many aspiring FC's out there. Many of you have never used capitals, used supercarriers, or even seen a titan (much less over dozen on field engaged in battle). I know, I only started playing the game a year ago. With intelligence, training and time, you can do these things someday. In the mean time, I will continue to provide as much advice on tactics, protocols, and common sense concerning PVP.

To those that have already shared the word, I give you many thanks.

That is all.


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