May 5, 2010

Back at it.

I had a great weekend. I made lots of money at Blackjack... then I lost most of those profits playing more Blackjack. Oh well, at least I didn't end up like some of my friends (down $300-$500).

These past couple days have been crazy and bloody. Both SC and NC have been reinforcing CSAA's in the North and in the South. Pandemic Legion have been paid what is rumored to be 30 billion in isk to fight us down in Delve. Of course they were more than happy to come seek revenge on those that kicked them out of Fountain.

So now we find ourselves fighting a war on multuple fronts. I have podded myself so many times I have lost count. Lucky for us our allies are stepping up the NC front and allowing some of us to deal with issues at home.

Yesterday we hit a station in Branch, and several CSAAs were reinforced in Tribute. Today they all came out, and we hit the CSAAs and annihilated an NC fleet. I logged on late and missed that round of fights.

I did make the fight in Branch, however. WI dropped (lost) sov in 52G- and White Noise took the station. Woot! Our first station in enemy territory. The rest of the SC distracted NC forces throughout the regions up until the last hour of the onlining TCU in 52G. We formed up a support fleet to help out White Noise. Soho, Quesa  and myself were leading the fleet.

We got good fights in the 52G area for 45 minutes, with running skirmishes alongside White Noise and Atlas/-A-. Atlas took heavy losses on some bad warp ins, but it looked good as the NC fleet was distracted and unable to shoot the TCU onlining. White Noise supercaps (4x Aeon and 5x Nyxs) kept repping the TCU while peeking out from their POS shields. The system was laggy as hell but manageable.

Until NC cyno popped on the TCU.


They jumped in a massive amount of dreads, lots of carriers and several supercarriers.

The TCU died around 5 min before onlining. Talk about frustrating. GF NC. Its not over.

We bailed out after TCU died, and managed to kill 3x Drakes and a Dominix on the way home. All were LODRA ratters. Talk about freaking hilarious... killing Goons ratting in Deklein on our way home.

We then killed a POS in Pure Blind... and had over 25 bs killed on a fail warp in. A spy on comms reported our alignment and they had probers waiting on the celestial. For the record, I hate spys. We did kill the tech moon, and onlined our own tower. So despite the losses, it was a win.

I know this is quick and there is less detail than usual. This is because I am about to leave for more fights... and gotta pay attention. More battle reports to come.

Also, I have mentioned Easley Thames many a time in my battle reports and the like. Interestingly enough, Easley has started a blog. I would love to say he was inspired by Aggressive Tendencies :)

You can find his writing at

That is all.


Unknown said...

Fun read. Sounds like you all have been keeping yourselves very busy lately. I look forward to the next update.

brassmule said...

Station/sov losses in Branch were from Stella Polaris, not Wildly Inappropriate. as stated. Wildly does have a few station systems in Branch, but did not lose sov anywhere.

Before DT, based on what Dotlan says, all the stations and sov were restored to Stella Polaris.

Nice post, otherwise. ;-)

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Most of the opposition we had was from WI, up until the cap drops. Apologies on the misinformation. Was a little busy/laggy to check station info.