May 28, 2010

Back up to the North Pole

Last night I watched Star Wars. Not my choice, but who was I to disagree with the lady?

Needless to say, it inspired me for PVP. So after she left I logged in and immediately clone jumped to the North. An ROL fleet was up, in the hopes of picking a fight while shooting a TCU. HAC heavy with BCs and some other support. I had my gank Harbinger, pulse fit.

We got our fights.

We moved out and started dishing out damage to the TCU in E-90. Our scout next door in HHK announced he had a Loki on scan. Immediately a prober was dispatched, but the Loki dissapeared from scan. Our scout informed us that he was popping back and forth and to be patient. Sure enough, in a couple minutes he was back. Positive hit and a warp in... and he was gone.


Back to shooting the TCU when on comms "I got him tackled, hes aggressed!"

Apparently the Loki had gone next door and our scout tackled. He aggressed and we burned the 2j. I jumped in local in time to see him pop. I was pissed... but the Loki died insanely fast.

Look at that fit. He was ratting. But he aggressed anyways. Bad idea. Loot drop A++++ with that Pithum A-Type. We split the loot, about 45 mill apiece. Thanks, dumb Loki pilot.

Next was a little tussle in ROIR. Brutix and Cerberus along with Rapier had been following one of our latecomers trying to catch up with gang. We doubled back, caught the Brutix on the C8 gate in Roir and forced him through. He held cloak forever... and the Cerberus landed on the C8 gate as well. Cerb got pointed but instead of jumping through he started pounding our tackler. Brutix was still holding cloak watching our gang, so most of our gang jumped through to kill the Cerberus. Brutix had broken cloak and reapproached/jumped and came to us, decloaking as we were starting to hit the Cerberus. Due to lack of primary being called by anyone I mashed my PTT key and barked primary... and it cost me the Cerb kill. I rolled my eyes and finished off the Brutix.

Back to the TCU we went. By this time it was about half armor when Vlade entered system, scouting for a HAC gang of equal size to ours. We all warped to optimals to the C8 gate, with the hostile gang on the other side. Our eyes watched... we waited. They blinked. Off they warped to the ROIR gate. We jumped in and tried to snag stragglers but they were gone. I warped ROIR, there was a bubble up and a lone Scimitar on the gate, the rest of their gang was in ROIR reapproaching. I burned out of bubble and shot the Scimitar... just to piss him off. A couple of his friends jumped in from ROIR (the rest of their gang was at 0 on the other side) and I warped off.

We left C8 and went back to E-9 (which is next door) and continued to shoot the TCU. Our scout reported them coming back our way from ROIR... so we all warped to 0 on the C8 gate. Easley and I had been discussing the engagement so far and agreed we were being too careful... close range ammo with 2x Rook we had and heavier BC composition would mean a slaughter of their all HAC gang.

As their fleet landed on E-9 gate and we sat on the other side a Cry Havoc gang of 5 RRBS showed up. They sat on gate with us for a minute and not getting a reply from our FC to convo request in intel (he was tired/not paying attention) they jumped in. Thank heavens, they finally forced our hand and got us our fight.

Our scout yelled "NC is committed, come on in" and I jumped. Our FC took a little bit of time to understand and order a jump through, but he got it eventually.

I got through and primaried Zealots. Then Canes, then anything that was left. Cry Havoc lost one bs I belive. Battle report is here.

We moved back to E-9 and killed the TCU.

After the TCU died we moved back to X-7. I debated sleep (early work day) and decided to go roaming. I switched out to a Crow and took scout, so as to help this gang out.

We moved up to Deklein, and time and time again I warped in on ratting targets to find half killed spawns or the ship warping out of belt as I landed. I managed to get our gang a Crusader and Manticore kill (neither of which I got one, being the one that forced them through). In OWXT, we jumped in myself and a dictor to bubble the station.

Then the FC had like 2 other scouts jump in. I was a little unhappy with the scouting decisions. He kept saying my name wrong, and would have multiple people jumping in with me, which tends to alert an otherwise not so alert enemy. We also had a guy in a T3 keep lemming in system with me, and he didn't even have a point.

Despite these stupidities, in OWXT I scanned a Drake, warped to belt, found rats and no wrecks (the system was loaded with all types of wrecks). I immediately ran a scan for anomalies. Warping to an already run Sanctum and getting nothing, I then hit the Haven (the top two anomalies).


Drake 41km off of me.

I hit MWD overheated point and had it flashing... I yelled "I have a Drake in an anom going for point".

I guess he didn't hear me over all the damn chatter on comms (it was horrible).

So as he was ordering people to prepare to depart I yelled "I have a Drake tackled in an anomaly".

"Which belt are you in?"

"I'm not in a fucking belt, I've xxx'd in fleet get in here and call points when you land!"

"Oh ok... everyone jump in and warp to PK".

Thank heavens some people ignored FC and were already in warp to me. Drake had started hitting me, and although he didn't have Warriors (or I would have been in trouble) his missiles were whittling my shields down. I held him as I entered 1/4 shields when the first HAC landed and called point. I burned off and took his drones with me, and watched as the Drake melted under the DPS from arriving gang members.


"Nice Drake Bro" in local and his pod popped.

I also added "I too, believe that anomalies are safe with reds in local" before leaving. He had almost 2 minutes to safe up with not just me (ugh) but 2 other "scouts" in local and yet he sat in that anomaly as I landed and burned the 4 seconds to tackle him.

For aspiring FCS. I do not suggest loading up your next system with anything other than 1 scout (unless you are SURE that the hostiles already have you scouted out). One red in local to the enemy is an eyebrow raiser... but usually doesn't trigger an oh shit moment. Two or more will make all but the biggest idiots safe up/dock up. You will lose kills because of it.

Also. Discipline your damn lemmings. If someone lemmings once, don't coddle but be stern. Its not tolerated. When someone does it over and over and over scream at them. Yell at them. Do whatever it takes because they are costing you kills everytime they do it into a populated system where the scout is working. I wanted to punch our resident lemming in the face last night. Sometimes the order was to hold (even for scout) and guess what, he was the first one in. With his T3 no point ship. No discipline meant he did it like 9-10 times that roam.


We moved back home at this point, managing no more catches. A fairly succesful evening despite the dry roam, and I went to bed happy.

That is all.

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