May 11, 2010

Thoughts Lead To Anger for PK

As I was thinking about the battle reports from yesterday I found my blood pressure rising slightly.


Because many of the losses on each side yesterday, both NC Caps and the Atlas Titan, were directly attributed to fail mechanics on CCPs side.

When I first started playing EVE sometimes the node would crash. It sucked balls but everyone was kicked off and you went and got food or did something else until it came back up. Then you would re form and get back to business.

Not anymore.

Now you have bullshit blackscreening which means you have no fucking clue what the hell is happening to your ship. Some of your fleet has overview, some do not. No matter how many times that shit happens, its going to happen again. PL had it happen in Fountain. IT has had it happen in Delve. CVA screwed themselves with it twice. Atlas got nailed with it yesterday in H-W and in early PB with 200 HACs. Yet people still think they can try and login/load/jump into absolute lagged systems and still manage it, possibly based on thought processes from earlier/non-fail releases of EVE. I'm sure today when the H-W station comes out of reinforce the same thing is going to happen.

Now if I'm in a little crap ship I don't really care all that much. In a HAC/BS I am gonna be agitated at the loss but its going to be ok. Capital... I'm going to be seriously pissed. Supercap... emo rage quit the game. Bottom line is that FCs/Pilots should expect this kind of bullshit lag. Count on it. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. We shouldn't have to do this... but right now its necessary.

The thing that blew my temper top is the fact that CCP hasn't done shit. "Call in your battle ahead of time to reinforce the node". Screw you. About half the time we can predict when/where we are going to get a big fight. But why should we have to try and plan our fights? We never used to. So CCP is going to push ahead with Tyrannis which is all great and everything... but haven't fixed the lag issue. I think the priorities are a bit skewed concerning the direction CCP is heading. You need take care of baseline coding issues before injecting a crapload more into they system. Yet all I see is "new lag test" bla bla bla. We're in the middle of a huge scale war. Go park a damn CCP ship in H-W right now for your test. Pretty sure you will get some good data to sift through while you plan for Tyrannis. Maybe even find a way to fix the issues.

For those who park in empire, run small scale gangs and warfare... I know. No big deal. You have it good and haven't experienced issues... except maybe those occasional jumps where you are in an empty (near empty) system and take 30 seconds to load system anyways. My favorite is the times when you take so long to load the system you have e warped off the gate. Annoying as shit when you are trying to travel somewhere... and theres nobody in local. But I'm off track. What I'm saying is that although it doesn't affect everyone in EVE... it affects a good part of the population. Namely 0.0 dwellers. And its not just a nuisance, its affecting warfare in a game changing way. At the very least, revert back to the old system. You were either logged in or not. Being lockable/shootable while staring at a black screen was non-existent, perhaps a nightmare that caused us to wake in a cold sweat.

Losing a Titan or a cap fleet because you are blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back while the other team is kicking your nuts in is not fun. And we all play this game... yeah, because its fun. So CCP... please, fix your shit. Soon.

That is all.


DO IT said...

Well said!!!

Lightamanonfire said...

With about 4 hours left on reinforced H-W has 1600+ in system. My client finally gave up the ghost while trying to shield rep stuff and there's no way I can get back in. The vast majority of pilots are NC, so unless the node crashes entirely it will be a turkey shoot for any SC pilots trying to get in to take the system.

I think partly these numbers are a result of the lag, though. All the NC pilots who've been trapped in station, trapped logged at hostile POSes, etc, by the lag are finding an opportunity to log in or undock and being able to let it take as long as needed without getting blackscreen killed. It's a larger version of holding grid first.

Anyway, hopefully when I get back it will be playable again as the system status will be resolved one way or another and people will likely be heading elsewhere.

Grisix said...

PK, we do not fight on the same side, but I enjoy reading your blog. On this very issue of lag and black screen death, I am with you 100% against CCP. I will even go one step further: by keeping these technical issues going, CCP is close to be outright lying on their advertisement for this game. I have been drawn in by the perspective of one game world where all the players play together, and large fleets fight for space domination. These ads are misrepresenting what the game experience really is in the large fleet area. In the past year since I have started playing, I have spent a lot of money in plexes to get my ships. I do not have the time to mission or mine, and mostly do pvp. As bounty hunting does not work and is not well thought out, I do not have much opportunities to make isk in game as a PvPer. I am also lucky I can afford sustaining my hangars through real world money, but losing ships to lag and black screen is thus losing real money to false advertisement. If this continues beyond the upcoming tyrannis launch, I am seriously thinking about a class-action lawsuit against CCP for false advertisement. I sincerely hope it does not have to go to such extreme for a game I do like, but it's not because it is a game that a company can choose to ignore it's customers experience. PK, keep up the good fight (on your blog) and I hope I can pod you one day in game :)

Nitor1013z said...

CCP Atlas in H-W9TY System.

We told him to fix lag.

He told us to stop spamming local chat.

Says enough for me.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you. I am a rookie in null sec, being there for almost a month now. I read a lot of blog posts about that issue, prior to dive into null sec myself.

Well, I sincerelly don't care about PI if the fights in H-W keeps going this way....Honestly CCP, less broken new features, AND FIX THE DAMN LAG !!

phantam said...

lol where u guys spamming local? :P

Honestly though, CCP is working on the lag, lag isnt something thats easily traceable cause theirs legit lag and then buggy lag, the black screen issue is bug lag,

but come on 700 people in system and it was lagging and fighting and then a followup day you guys push the numbers to 1600 and expect no oddities or crashes?

WOW do you guys remember when they used to close systems off when they got to 800-900 (im looking at you jita) and that was IN SYSTEM, not 1000-1600 people ON GRID!!!

Things have been improving, sucks its not at a faster place, all i can say is i'll be at every frigging SISI lag test they have to try to help fix the problems, and i hope the NC and SC fleets are doing the same on SISI during the requested tests.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

We're too busy to hop on SISI for fake fights. I don't care if they close the system down at 800-900... its closed and people can't get in. As I explained in the post, its the people who are logged in without actually logging in that are screwed. Much better for them to be unable to log in than log in to black screen and get blown up. That kind of gameplay is horseshit.

phantam said...

no doubt i agree the no screenload but still in system is bullshit, their shud be a signal the client sends to the server when screen stops being black and u have ship control that enables u as "shootable" until then u're still marked invulnerable and cant do anything on u're client or on the server to or from u... once the server gets the ok loaded signal, then u're vulnerable and can use u're ship.

but then people wud bitch that they get grid but none of their modules load cause the server didnt resieve the gridloaded message...

capping wouldnt work, because if they capped it at 800 guess what? red systems that are challenged would fitll with 800 blues and 100reds and get called every time.