May 24, 2010

Whats up?

The past week and a half has been spent in Delve making isk (ugh) and trying to whip into shape the new guys. I have met with success on both fronts.

Looking to return north Mid-Week... should have more fights to talk about.

Couple days ago, Anathema and Thrasher were playing around 5-C area. Anathema was uncloaked off station for a minute, Thrasher was messing around in ZXB. Went to ZXB gate and waited. Nothing happened... so I warped to a spot off grid but near the ZXB gate. I had a drag bubble off the KEE- gate and figured his Anathema eyes in system were watching me sit on the gate.

I was right.

Local bumped one and in came the Thrasher. As I was about to warp to the bubble off the KEE- gate... on grid pops the Thrasher?


He lands at 0, presumably probed out by the Anathema who was probably right next to me. I play dead and sit there as he yellow boxes me, and then aggresses.

Bad call.

Sensor Booster lights up, my drones launch and web/point activate on him.

Gank Harbinger (3x Heat Sink 1x Tracking Enhancer) with Warrior IIs results in:

[03:15:57] EVE System > Channel changed to 5-CQDA Local Channel
[03:24:54] Perseus Kallistratos > gf
[03:24:58] Xirxo > wheee
[03:25:21] Xirxo > Didn't think you'd be able to track. = (

Fun to some extent, but one kill a day is just not enough :(

Yesterday was fairly uneventful. I alarm clocked on op to take back a Platinum Moon Panda had killed.

It was coming out of reinforce during downtime, and despite my wants for a sleep in Sunday... I woke up and took a small RRBS gang into Fountain. On the way there our eyes in system reported Blade showing up and engaging the small Caldari tower.

He convoed their FC, who promtly replied that Blade was just there to get the mail. Ok, business is good.

Then five minutes later a Blade "diplomat" convod my eyes in system and reported they were dropping their own tower on the moon?


So we proceeded to pound the tower with the Blade fleet. It melted quickly. Then we unanchored the mods, and dropped our own tower.

Blade left, saying that "next time its ours" or something to that effect. I shrugged.

Tower onlined, we left.

Exciting I know. Such is POS warfare.

-MVN- is looking forward to Tyrannis, but it seems we are short on the details for launch. How much? How big? Tax? Spacing? Resource amount?

Lots of questions that will be answered (maybe) on launch day. CCP style.

That is all.

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