May 15, 2010

Stealth Bomber = Glass Cannon

I spent little to no time on EVE, as Friday night meant other things to do.

But I did hop on for twenty minutes after work. Upon loggin in I read/responded to EVE mails. A report of red in 5-C, PL in a Hound. Also reported he had a friend in a Cynabal logged of next door in KEE-.


I warped to the KEE- gate in a Harbinger and jumped through. Red in local, PL. Cynabal on scan from my gate.

Very intriguing.

I slowboated back to the gate and sat there. My plans for the evening called my phone, so I picked up and started chatting, while reporting the intel. Then the Cynabal landed on gate. Yellow box. "I got to go, see ya soon" I said to her. Priorites... right?

Cynabal tried to bump me off, I avoided the bump. Moving assets into position, I had friendlies in M2 on the Kee- gate, as well as a couple tacklers in 5-C enroute to the KEE- gate. Then his buddy in the Hound jumped in. Initially cloaking... about 20 seconds later he decloaked, locked up and immediately started torping me. I lit my SBo and started locking the Hound and Cynabal.

"Hound aggressed!" I announced. Boom, local spiked as my boys came in. I dropped my Warrior IIs and started chewing the Hound up. Whether due to miscommunication or whatever, the Cynabal didn't aggress. Hound died quickly, then DPS switched to Cynabal. He jumped. Tackler on other side grabbed him... we de aggressed and spammed jump. As we were jumping through, report was our tackler had to warp. I loaded grid to see the Cynabal 40km off of me. I started burning for him... but he warped at 30km.

At this point the girl had arrived and I had to dock up immediately or risk RL aggro.

Priorities, right?

I'll get the Cynabal later. Hound kill was good enough for the moment.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Priorities, indeed. ;)