May 22, 2010

My Sig Banner

Much thanks to Parleion for his work on a signature for me:

"I'm a graphic designer/photographer by trade and would be glad to give a go at what you're looking for. That and I always enjoy working for ISK. If you've got any pixel height width requirements or basic ideas to play off of, awesome, if not, I can come up with a few concepts.

I absolutely love reading what you write, and, as an MH (or now WTF I guess) pet, getting to see things from the other team's perspective. More often than not, it gets me trying to buck the leadership to go a bit more on the offensive, whether they listen or not.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading more of what you've got to say."

He also would like you to know he is open for business, banners running approximately 100 mil. Just contact him in game.

I also have DarthDeaconRage of Gentleman's Club putting something together... should be interesting.

That is all.

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