May 12, 2010

Holy Lag

Yesterday was an example of lag at its best. With local (attempting to climb) around 2000, repeated incidents of blackscreens, node crashes, rewind repeats and the ever popular I tried to cyno out of the system but instead appeared at a random location in same system were prevalent. The ugly I logged in at a pos and find myself out of the shields (no bump) reared its head from time to time as well.

This affected SC far more noticeably than NC for the H-W station timer. How/why? NC logged everyone on. Alt's, Scout's Miner's... everyone. Many of these were in the station not doing anything but taking up space in local. Sucks, yeah. Valid, yeah. At the peak, about 1/3 of local was friendy and 2/3 were hostile (best estimates able to be seen in the bloody mess). Were 2/3 active hostiles? Probably not. But there was no way to tell. NC mails had requested everyone log in and stay logged in even if it was docked in station. Easy enough to do, and it worked. Reinforcements to make an even fight were unable/unwilling to jump into that shitstorm. I don't blame them.

SO... instead they went around PB and got to work. Taking advantage of the NCs complete committment to H-W we killed 2 highends, reffed 4 highends, killed 1 small miner, killed 2 IHUBS + TCU's, and one TCU.

Some of these were in key jump bridge systems.

So in spite of the horrible situation (for all NC and SC) in H-W, we made gains elsewhere.

Pertaining to the horrible lag in H-W and my previous emo post about CCP being retarded... I had this comment left (on the emo post) which I want to share with you all:

"Nitor1013z said...

CCP Atlas in H-W9TY System.
We told him to fix lag.
He told us to stop spamming local chat.
Says enough for me."

Enforcing the rules. I can only hope that he was there to oberve the lag as well... but part of me thinks that the only reason he was present is because some smartass filed a petition for flooding local. I (we) may be overly pessimistic, but can you blame me (us)?

Quick tip in laggy situations? Minimize local window. Not like its useful for anything but trolling during a fight.

More tips? Turn brackets off. Have target only overview up (which you should already have done). Turn graphics and effects down and off. Turn guns to manual. These simple tricks can help quite a bit...

They don't however, keep you from blackscreening and dying. A whim and a prayer is all you have with that bullshit.

That is all.


Parasoja said...

Ignoring the internal propaganda, after all the talk about a massive assault and the most important fight in the campaign I was really hoping somebody would come out with a detailed overview from an SC perspective. You don't even bother to mention that it's over - I know you have "reform and fight" ops for the people trapped in system, but let's be realistic - and Easley is talking about flying interceptors....

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Because at the time of writing, it wasn't over. IN fact we didn't get our forces out of system until after DT. Also, I spent a good three hours there last night racking up kills on bubbled gates in H-W.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as how you promote a log out as a perfectly acceptable PVP tactic, how to you feel about them using alt accounts to push local up and force a system crash?

Is this the first use of a "Logonski"?

Perseus Kallistratos said...

Its a valid tactic. Aggravating but valid. No where in my post did I say anything that would say otherwise :)

Unknown said...

I was in H-W at the time and based on numbers in fleets, most of the people in H-W were active and in gang. We had 4 maxed out fleets and a bomber fleet.

Local kept climbing though, so I am sure people were in fact logging on alts and parking them in towers.

However, I agree entirely with you - as defenders, this is a perfectly valid tactic. It just forces the other side to go rape stuff somewhere else, which you guys clearly did. When the enemy is all packed into one system and doesn't want to leave it for anything, don't complain about lag or unfair tactics, just go blow their shit up somewhere else.

GJ and nice post.