May 6, 2010

Vacation is over and I'm back at work, so...

So back to blogging. The problem with blogging at home is that I would rather be playing EVE than writing about it. At work I have no choice... I must live vicariously through my own blog and the other EVE blogs out there.

Last night we saw some large fights with PL in Fountain. I wasn't involved in any of them directly, as it was HUN and BLAST that were doing the fighting. We just observed them running through our home constellation.

I also got some action in Tribute. We took a Dramiel ceptor gang to H-W and scored a number of kills. 3x Drake and a Mega fell to our collective might. We had upwards of 60 in gang (more than usual) and with those numbers came some lemmings. We lost 2 Dramiels. FC was pissed, I was pissed. The advantage to running with the DOOM guys (/gals i.e. Wicked Princess) is that they are (generally) very skilled pilots. This allows for ballsy maneuvers and tactics. When idiots join gang, its aggravating because they give the enemy easy kills. I think next time our little roam will be invite only.

I chatted it up with Lucian James and Imperiam in H-W local. Lucian was quite cordial in his bantering. Imperiam was a bit defensive. He even threatened me with saving chat logs and sending them to Avi (our CEO) over MSN. I laughed, penised him in local and asked him to include that in the logs as well. Some may call that ungentlemanlike. I don't really care.

I headed home and podded back to Delve. We saved a carrier tackled in a belt by PL (stupid I know) and I ratted (yes, ratted) for about 30 min before calling it a night. I've decided I need to pick up my market manipulation again.

As far as the war goes, both sides are claiming victories and both are right. Blast lost a Titan to PL stupidly. He was uncapping POS mods on a hostile POS by himself with hostiles in local. PL was on the way, intel got to him and he tried to bail. Dictors were already in place and he didn't log off till WAYYYYY too late. Combination of idiot decisions. IT lost a supercarrier defending empty CSAAs in Querious. Despite Phreeze's political talk, the CSAAs were empty. So losing a supercarrier due to "drifting" (afk?) is idiotic. But yes, it did happen. Once he was a little outside the shields PL bumped him further out, and kept him out until he died. Lack of numbers in fleet (most were in PB) meant we had to disengage and leave the fight. How we managed to save one supercarrier (there were 2 on field) but not recognize the other wasn't safe/was in danger is beyond me. I wasn't in command, so its not my place to speculate.

The two front war makes it hard to commit at home, but support from Allies in the North is firming up. We took a station (as per my last post) from Stella Polaris. Not that it matters; they are all NC and "BFF" as they put it. So WI, Stella, Rzr, MM, whatever. They took it back when our TCU was killed shortly before anchoring. That NC force has OWN, Stella, MM, RZR, Rage, Goons (I mean LODRA) and even some Looney Toons. Our forces consisted of IT, ROL, Initiative and Atlas/-A- (their fleet was small and consisted of both).  Don't forget White Noise, either. They were the reason we were even in the position to take a system. Several other systems in various locations up North are reinforced and contested for sov and stations. The multi front approach is starting to work. We are also hitting NC CSAAs. An eye for an eye. My only worry is that the commitment we are seeing from -A- is limited. Some say we went too early and didn't give -A- enough time. Others say -A- really isn't committed to a battle far away. Atlas has been, well, dissapointing so far. When they have come to fight, they have ended up making some bad calls and lost entire fleets, killing morale. Bobby has been away (with work and a woman he says) so the leadership has been somewhat disorganized. Not many have wanted to step up. So coordination with their forces has been a pain, and twice they have left the fight early and left the other allies hanging out to dry. Bobby has been active the past week; with luck we will have more co-ops with their forces and with better success.

Anyone who says one side or the other is winning is full of shit. Battles are won and lost but the trend is stalemate so far. Political blustering is fun and games but means nothing. EVE news is horrible as well... those guys are as bad as FOX News. Only time will tell what ends up happening.

That is all.

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