May 10, 2010

You Just Got Trolled

Yesterday, during one engagement I lost two ships. No, I'm not sad. It happens. Through a combination of events, I seem to get primaried frequently. Still not complaining. The little red channel commander button on TS means spies list you on the first to die list. Combined with a somewhat known blog and a really big mouth in local, I die a lot. Which is why I fly cloakies in large fleets more often than not these days (and if you are one of the FCs it is smart anyways).

After my last post, I did think of a funny story with no real PVP insight to share with you all relating to these losses. The first loss was a Manticore, which was lost due to our fleet jumping into the enemies fleet (we were aware and looking for a fight). With lag + bubble + fast movers I was decloaked and killed rather quickly. So I reshipped into a Harbinger I had fitted in X-7 (in retrospect another cloaky would have been more intelligent but I was short on time) and moved back to the fight.

Once in Ki- local (again) I joined up with the fleet which was pounding on the ihub. The ragtag NC fleet had been smashed pretty good, the remnants of which were floating around the system. A 40ish man gang of Solodrakban (Goons) was zipping around in frigs and had decided to join the fight. I am sorely dissapointed in the quality of Goon fighting and the quality of Goon smack in local these days. I trolled the shit out of them in system... feeling quite proud of myself. Even up to the point they warped their ceptor gang on top of our fleet, along with the remnants of the NC fleet. We were departing system as the i-hub had just finished getting put into reinforce, and guess who their primary was?


Dramiels and Ceptors all warped to me at 0. Harbinger was insured, I got the pod out (even though I had no implants) and I laughed even harder. The point of trolling is to get a reaction.

I would say I got one.

So I suppose there is a lesson in this little story. If you troll local succesfully (or unsuccesfully), you will up your chances of dying first.

EDIT: Also, Easley provided a bit more in depth view of our initial steps in H-W. They can be found at:

That is all.

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Unknown said...

I have torn feelings about primarying known FCs in fleets. Often, on smaller scale engagements (less than 100 dudes), I try really, really hard to make sure if there is an FC in a non-cloaker, that he doesn't get called early. The other gang needs their FC to make sure both sides get a good fun fight out of it, afterall. I tend to lose a lot of respect for other FCs who primary FCs first.

Now, for larger, sov warfare-type fights, I think primarying the FC is the smartest think you can do, and I will do it myself, too. In these cases, you expect the hostiles to have backup plans already in place, and they better. You need to make them work for your space, as hard as you can.