May 26, 2010

CSM Results

Congratulations to Mynxee, who is the newly elected Chair of the CSM. I don't know much about the candidates or their issues, but Easley Thames did, and you can find his reaction to the results here.
To be honest, I had no idea someone even got elected that is as irrelevant to the big picture as Ankhesentapemkah. With no kills (ok, 9) and 141 losses... and comments about players serving jail time (wtf?) I'm a little worried. But Mynxee, who does have combat experience, managed to keep Ankhesentapemkah out of the chair (whew!). EVE is a PVP game. If you want to carebear and can't handle the Ninjas, the Suicide Gankers, the people who want to pew... go play WOW.

Best of luck to all of us with Tyrannis. May the downtime be short and the bugs that make more, and unexpected, downtime a rarity. Also, for the love, I pray that Tyrannis doesn't make the lag worse. I don't expect it will get better because CCP doesn't care about the lag, but please don't be worse.

That is all.

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Rixx Javix said...

Dominion put me down for almost a week, so anything less than that will be progress.