May 10, 2010

I Can and Will Complain

I have very little to write about, sofar as current EVE events go. Last night NC made a mediocre push for control of the system. As much as I can tell from secondhand reports (with me being at work right now) it seems we have taken control of the system once again.

That being said I want to emo rage for a minute.

To all those that are in the EVE Blog Pak and don't write. Or write little piddly posts about "I haven't played much", or "I'm taking a break", or "try out this other video game".

Either step up or step down.

Now I understand there are those that are on vacation, or have had a family emergency and such. But if its long term or you are just done playing EVE... just step down and give it up for someone who will devote more time to the blogging community. The readers deserve it.

To all those that have been writing through thick and thin, I thank you. Even if it is about carebearing crap :), you are writing and its about EVE. I know there are people who love/need/want that information just as much as the PVP bit I do.

Emo Rant Over.

That is all.


Unknown said...

I totally hear you. I see lots of blogs in the Pack that haven't had posts in them for ages. Time to give some new talent a shot. One of my personal favorites is Depths Unknown (; the author puts some work into the posts and always has somewhat of a cynical side that makes the blog fresh all the time. The community could use more blogs like that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I wasn't aware there was some sort of "limit" to the blog pack, after all that popularity contest shizznit.

If people are consistently...slow? lame? with posting, it's my understanding they're removed.

But what makes a post good? Is a meme following post good? Is a discussion of the patch notes "good"? Is listing the alliance tournament entries and making a funny sentence for each one "good"?

P.S. what qualifies a good excuse?