May 11, 2010

Don't Be Stupid In Lag.

I wasn't able to get on EVE yesterday at all, due to staying late at work. I had heard rumours of an Atlas titan go down while there, and I had confirmation later on that it was true.

NC massed enough forces to retake H-W (for a period of time), and were reinforcing POS' when an Atlas Leviathan was put into armor on one of those POS'. He made it into the shield in armor, but logged back in to blackscreen when he should have stayed logged off. Although he couldn't see nor had control over the ship itself, his ship was lockable in space and drifted out of the POS shields.


Thanks ccp. We salute you.

On that note when the system is lagged to hell, don't log back in. Its just not worth it.

So we killed a bunch of their capitals (in no lag, to bad FC decisions for the most part) and they popped a Titan. Iskwise, it should have been tit for tat. Due to the ridiculous fit the Titan ended up being worth significantly more than one would expect. Both comments on my last post show the titan killmail.

With luck I should be off work early today, and get some fights this afternoon/evening.

That is all.

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