May 18, 2010

So it ends... or is it begins?

Its been a rough weekend for IT, no matter how you look at it. Atlas announced a pull out from NC. Pandemic Legion continues to harass and hot drop every moving thing in Delve. Our divided forces aren't enough to get the job done at either end.

IT lost a Titan in Delve to said PL forces.

With that being said, we still managed a fun corp roam through Curse last night. Easley commanded the op, as I was arranging cynos for corp members while tagging along on the roam.

We managed to pop a Heron and a Vagabond... nothing too exciting. Heron was caught in bubbles and died instantly. The Vagabond was also caught in a bubble and reapproached the gate, jumping through. He was bubbled on the other side and tried to burn away, but was webbed and scrammed quickly. Pop.

Chatted with some alliance called Waterboard, who brought a large gang down from camping Doril. Easley ordered a logoffski in station. One of the Waterboard guys didn't like us "running" from an uneven fight.

Funny enough, we bailed out after 20 min of logoffskiing.. and most of the elements returned to Delve. Easley and I played around and ran into a Gentlemans Club gang... who we enlisted and went back to Hemen, where the Waterboard guys hang out. Same people insulting us for not engaging... didn't engage.


So bottom line is, insulting people in local for not engaging is dumb since you wouldn't engage a gang with heavier composition and more numbers than you no matter how bad they suck.

On the Atlas note (!)/page23) I find this amusing. There may be some Atlas readers of my blog, and please don't be personally butt hurt by the following. But it must be said.

Atlas didn't do much for the campaign.

Their numbers were combined Atlas/GC at all times. Neither force was fully committed to the effort from the get go. H-W finally showed some true numbers but too little too late. Bobby was around for about a week during the entire conflict. Not having your leader in a time of war is bad news. The notable Atlas conflicts involved the annihilation of a 200 man HAC gang and the annihiliation of a large cap fleet. Not great press or morale boosters. Bobby personally blames everyone else. Thats not to say bad decisions weren't made at the Alliance Leadership level of the SC, but hard to blame decisions that were made in your absence. But he beat the e-peen energy stick for his people to make their pull out less of downer by tossing all the blame on everyone in a recent mail I linked above. The bad FC decisions (pulling out leaving allies high and dry when they should stay, and getting annihilated when they should have pulled out), the bad turnout, and the lack of leadership. So... happy trails back to Angel Cartel space.

Red Overlord, Initiative, and White Noise all committed wholeheartedly to the effort. -A- didn't arrive until later, and was starting to ramp up as the H-W failure happened. Too little too late.

So then next saga should be interesting. Will NC come down to Delve? I believe they will, but in partial numbers and with low motivation (maybe high initially). Fighting away from home in Dominion is a nightmare. Taking sov in Dominion is a nightmare. Black screens in Dominion is a nightmare. Plus, all our carebear stay at homes will be around to bolster defense numbers.

Should be interesting...


Ľubomír Brindza said...

Nullsec politics don't really interest me all that much, and it's pretty hard finding a blog writing up on all the happenings in their little corner of lawless space in a way that would be enjoyable to read by someone not really interested in 0.0 all that much - your being the one of the few. I like your writeups, i really do.

That being said:

Could you please stop whining about blackscreens/node crashes/dominion sov warfare/etcetera? They are valid concerns, i get that much, and you really got your point across the first bunch of times you mentioned them, there is just really no need for them to be mentioned in *every single post* of yours.

Perseus Kallistratos said...

I mention things that come up in my daily play of EVE.

So lag happens a lot.

So I mention it.

Nitor1013z said...

I love how you say that bobby personally blames everyone else. That comment made my day.