May 19, 2010

Delve. Cap Fight. Wish I Was There

I will quote from a secondhand source the fighting that happened yesterday, as I was working during the actual fighting:

So, earlier today PL started playing around with the IT POS in G-TT, we managed to get eyes on them and eventually they left (POS wasn't reinforced, bunch of guns were damaged).

RKK dropped ~5 Carriers into G-TT to rep, fully aware (and hoping) that PL would most likely hotdrop. We had a couple of Titan pilots online and various Supercaps logged on inside friendly POSes across Delve on the offchance that they did.

Sure enough, PL Rapier uncloaks and opens a cyno. Small bunch of PL Motherships jump through (don't have #s, 3?) and I think a couple of Carriers. In return we light our cyno, Friendlies: Two Titans, 7 Supercaps and a small number of Dreads/Carriers jump in. We point an Aeon and a Nyx, and start focusing on the Nyx.

Very quickly the rest of the hostile Supercaps warp out, leaving Nyx/Aeon there. Destromath hangs around at 300km in his Aeon, but we're focusing on the Nyx so we don't pay all that much attention. Nyx hits 60% Armor, 50% Armor, 40% Armor.

Hostile Rapier uncloaks and lights a cyno. 3 PL Titans jump in (Two Erebuses, 1 Ragnarok). PL Titans DD the Hictors we have on the field (at the time we have like, 1 normal Dictor on the field) and the Nyx warps out whilst very very low on Armor (bordering structure?).

Edit: Confirmed, Nyx was entering structure:

I call the Rag as primary, and he starts dropping at a decent speed. Whilst this is happening we're pinging the shit out of IRC, and we have a steady stream of friendly Dreads, Carriers and Supercaps jumping in. Dyami (from the picture I've seen: burns out his Hardners whilst we're primarying him, and at around 50% Shield a new cyno opens and a small'ish group of PL Carriers/Dreads jump in. At which point the decision to either keep on the Rag or switch down to Dreads was (for me), pretty obvious - and we switched over to primarying the Dreads.

Titans all warped out at this point, and the PL Motherships that had warped back in (understandably) didn't stick around as we had more people pouring into system.

Dreads seemingly stay out of siege (judging this from the incoming damage that we didn't seem to be getting) and from then it was just a case of keeping as much as possible bubbled to prevent it from warping out.

Good fight PL.

And Destromath's correction in the same thread:

our titans came in first, with moms as backup, to dd the carriers repping the pos, warped out when the IT cyno went up, and came back when we knew we had carriers coming in.

otherwise, yeah, what he said

gf to all.

So we had a first victory of sorts down in Delve. Battle report is here

I do enjoy fighting PL (even more so than in Fountain). They are (generally) professional, talented and ballsy. They excel in small gang wafare, which is where -MVN- has historically been excellent. Unlike the massive blob wafare we fought in the NC, there are many good fights to be had in Delve.

That is all.

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