May 31, 2010

Why you fit points.

Back in Delve yesterday I had a couple experiences. One good, one bad.

First was a De4iant Hurricane who took a stroll through Fountain and down into Delve.

Bad idea.

Reported in intel, I switched out for a Curse and was waiting for him when he came into 5-C from ZXB. I tackled and immeidately neuted him, drones and missiles chewing at him. His Autocannons were barely scratching me when Titus Loken in a Harbinger opened up as well. The Hurricane pretty much melted, his dual reps and DC2 unable to function with no cap.

Not too long after a Drake that had previously come through on his way up to Fountain was reported inbound. Given that he was PL, he was more than likely on his way back to Delve core.

I reshipped back in 5-C to a Harbinger. After undocking I realized my mistake... my Harbinger was completely damage fit with no tank outside of an 800mm plate.


So I warped to kee- and landed as he was, we both jumped in. The entire time I'm yelling on comms for help. I tackled him and immediately I knew I was in trouble. The Drake was HAM fit, and his first volley took my shields out.

But I held my hero tackle and 2 corpmates jumped in. The Drake started going down but I knew I was going to die. As soon as I popped the Drake warped.


So the two people who actually came to help had no points. I emo logged at that point.

Points: Check intel. There was no reason people should have been arriving late in ratting ships. This guy was reported far enough in advance for like 5 minutes of preperation.

Be active. People were still ratting in surround systems when this guy came through. Failure to respond to a hostile kill is just lazy bullshit. Its almost a free killmail.

Fit a damn point. There is no such thing as too much A. Dictors B. Points

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you train those guys?

Perseus Kallistratos said...

HAHA. Yeah, all 350.