May 10, 2010

Battle Report

Got the following from Kugu's forums (take it with a grain of salt) but it seems pretty accurate.

We had a fight of about 90 vs 90 here with the NC support fleet. They jumped into us in 15w while we were set up on the gate and it was bubbled up. The fight from the start was heavily favored in our direction and after a small skirmish 5-10 minutes, the enemy fleet warped out and we used this window to get into H-W. Our fleet in H-W set up with capitals and subcapitals on the gate as we burned towards H-W. Upon jump in the SC and NC were already duking it out. The capitals were fighting out on the gate while the subcaps were 250km off the gate duking it out. We had a 3-4 minute load screen until we were able to join in.


We had about 90+ capitals fighting it out with unknown number of NC capitals. Each side had super caps on the field. I am unsure of the subcap numbers for each side but it did look like we were heavily out gunned in this category. We duked it out for quite a long time off the gate with minimal sucess. The lag was terrible and took forever to apply damage, each side did a good job on warping out when being targeted. Also each side failed at bubbling, the SC was not able to get good bubbles on the enemy fleet in the beginning while the NC didn't have any on us.

Towards the midway of the fight, our capitals were killing the NC capitals at a very fast pace while our sub caps struggled. The subcap fleet was too spread out and we needed a regroup badly. After about a few minutes of chatter we were able to regroup on a common point and the damage was quite noticable on the NC fleet. We forced them to warp out and regroup. At this time our capitals were still fighting the NC's caps, we had a few of their super caps tackled but had to concentrate on the remainder of their cap fleet.

After about two or so minutes the NC sub-caps warp down on our capitals. We follow right behind them and start slugging it out. At this point our side was getting some good bubbles and we were managing to kill some. Even tough we were killing them, I think our fleet was going down much faster, we were heavily outnumbered in BS and support ships and we needed back up badly. Luckily at this point in time our capital fleet managed to kill the last of their dreads/carriers, but unfortunately the NC super caps got out. Our own capital fleet warped on top of the NC BS while we concentrated on their support. After a while we forced the NC to their pos and we held the field on the MSHD gate in H-W.

As some of our people looted we noticed that there were multiple NC capitals outside the docking range in H-W. We warped our subcaps on them and fight ensued. We managed to kill what didn't warp out on the station sub cap wise, there were abut 4 capitals outside the station and one of them was 350km off of it. We started to kill the capitals because it was a race against time since the capitals logged out when we started to shoot them. After about 10-15 minutes we managed to kill 3 of them while the other diapered (dissapeared).

KB IT perspective:

Atlas KB:




I wasn't able to find a good perspective from the NC united KB due to it being %&$#$# atm. Maybe when it is fixed or something.

Note: While we were duking it out with the NC, ROL/Init + other allies were killing towers and reinforcing stuff all over the place"

Good times.

That is all.


Nitor1013z said...

A new perspective for all :

I would say our moral is back up higher than ever

Lightamanonfire said...

I like seeing your battle reports, so in the spirit of sharing I'll give mine. It's not terribly impressive but it's what I saw.

I'd been trapped in station due to undock lag caused by the fleet, bubbles, and hordes of fighters in drones just outside station for that purpose. We had forces inside and outside station, and the forces outside, I'm not sure how because I couldn't see anything, chased off all the camping ships and killed most of the bubbles. We were able to undock a significant number of ships, kill the remaining bubbles, then warp to a pos of our own. It was just coming out of reinforced so the carriers stayed there to fix it while the FCs warped the rest of the fleet around system to make a few kills.

You can see a few caps here, there were support BS losses on both sides too, though I think they weren't too significant. Keep in mind I had a big shield in my face while I was pos repping so I'm not the best witness to that part.

We got the call that there was a Titan tackled at an ATLAS pos, so we all warped to the action, even me. There was the Titan outside the shields whose pilot had just logoffskid while attempting to burn into the shields. Much to our collective dismay, he eventually made it in there. At that point we switched to other targets, incapped mods, etc. However, since the pilot had logged inside the bubble his titan just kept moving. Eventually, and hilariously, he eventually exited the shields. I heard in fleet that he had logged back on around that time. Bad day!

We quickly finished off the titan and incapped the rest of the mods. There weren't many other Atlas pilots in that POS, so the carriers moved to the station to fix up services. At that point I left.

The link above isn't all that died on eother side, but the KB's got bogged down shortly after because of the first commenter's news. After posting that in local the RZR KB got swamped and crashed.

Anyway, there's another view.