May 21, 2010

Fight in PB

Last night I was out, unable to get on EVE until late late late.

This is the afteraction report for an engagement that took places last night, by Yasumoto

"An epic USTZ night of close-range RR BS + logistics v. the NC blob.

Summary: Vince Draken + Soho Torres FC'd RR BS + Logistics fleet that killed an offline tower and ultimately engaged multiple times an NC fleet nearly twice our size. ISK-only losses were the inverse with our fleet coming out on top. The cake was iced by Avi's golden penis mythic tale on TS at the end of the night. Haha.

Details: R.O.L.'s Vince Draken called for a RR BS + Logistics fleet to form up in X-7OMU around 00:30. Starting with a relatively small gang of under 50 pilots, we titan-taxi'd to kill an anchored tower in BDV3-T. Best guess is that we caught the WI guys during their POS erection. Read into that as you might.

Bridging back to X-7O, the same fleet minus the caps went a few hops over to X47L-Q to shoot another tower with hopes of also engaging the NC response fleet. We had scouts giving us numbers of well over a hundred compared to our 50-ish pilots. Calls went out in intel channels and the fleet swelled up to about 70 pilots.

With a couple of mexican stand-offs and failed CovOps warp-ins, we never got to fully engage the fleet around X47 or J-CIJV. We knocked off a couple of unlucky pilots. We also managed to get bombed on the X47 Gate in J-CI. Bombing a close-range RR BS gang. Um, yeah.

Shortly thereafter, our FCs got word that the NC blob had likely bridged (my best guess) into BDV3-. We responded by heading back into X-7O and taking the taxi into BDV3, slipping into the shields of a DOOM. POS. This is there the fun really began.

We had numbers of around 70 pilots, mainly in close-range BS with a couple of HICs, some misc. support and six or seven Guardians.

The NC conventional blob, for whatever reason, went to the WW-KGD gate and our FC landed us right on top of them for good times. Target calling was very, very fast with more losses on the NC side of things. Logistics held up OK considering the opposing numbers. Warping out, we licked our wounds and repaired our fleet as best as possible at DOOM. POS.

Rinsing and repeating, our FC warped us back to a tactical point at the WW- gate where we ultimately engaged the NC conventional fleet again. And, in classic NC style, a cyno went up and their capital fleet jumped into the fray. Fuckers. Finishing off those conventional ships nearest our fleet, we warped off again. More skulls for the skull throne, as they say.

At some point, we bridged in a handful more conventional ships for those who died and/or podded themselves back to X-7O.

The NC then decided to use their capital fleet and reinforce the tower in which we were parked. DOOM. gunners went to work on the NC conventional fleet with our fleet holding for a planned bounce maneuver on top of the NC caps. My mind is a bit hazy on the order of events, but we ended up bringing in two titans that caught one dread with the rest of the NC fleet warping out just in time.

Our conventionals ended up warping up to an on-grid bounce point and back down within range of the NC cap blob, the FC called a primary and our rag-tag BS fleet engaged. Logistics, at this point, were barely able to keep our BS alive until they dipped into the POS shields. NC Carriers were taking their toll.

The titans were white knuckling their mice as the NC capital fleet was still around and the NC support fleet was dicking around the POS shields. No worries with the big toys getting into the shields.

By this time, many European pilots were logging and our numbers slimming down. This gang had been in operation for nearly five hours. NC numbers also slimmed down as they jumped their capital (and conventional?) fleets out of the system.

And yet the gang continued on to reinforce a NC tower with a titan and two SCs that jumped in to speed up the POS bashing. Fortunately Avi came onto the R.O.L. TS and graced us with a tale detailing the glory of the golden phallus.

In Conclusion: This was a good fight to have in the North. We engaged and did well against superior numbers. With a handful more guardians and light dictors as well as close-range and well tanked RR BS, we might have done even more damage. And we had fun. \o/ "

I would personally have loved to be there, but had an enjoyable time last night regardless.

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