May 12, 2010

New Poll--Vote!

I have a new poll up on the site.

"Should fixing blackscreen be a CCP priority?"

A. Not a big deal.
B. Aggravating but manageable.
C. Serious issue needs attention.

Lets hear it folks.

That is all.

1 comment:

Jose said...

It is definitely a very frustrating issue which needed resolution months ago. Instead we are about to jump into a new expansion without any idea if this will get the appropriate time of day.

I understand that this is not affecting the majority of the population (I've heard numbers as small as 10% of the EVE population being involved in 0.0), but it is still a serious issue that puts a black eye on the customer support side of CCP.

This game is more than sov-wars, but these wars influence enough of the game to make this a higher priority.