May 14, 2010

Thanks for the bubbles!

Thanks for the bubbles was Quesa's trademark phrase two nights ago when we were in H-W. We took a ceptor and Dramiel gang to system that, just a few hours before, was completely lagged out.

As much as we have been laughed at for bringing that type of gang out to play, its highly effective. It is the only thing that the NC blob numbers can't counter directly.

On the way there we ran into a small group of NC. One was in a Mega, the other two were Hurricane and Flycatcher. Hurricane and Heretic kept reapproaching and jumping, and our forces were divided between the gates. Local spiked in one of the systems and we bailed... Mega in structure, Cane in armor, Heretic in half armor.


We moved on, scout jumping into H-W. Reports were that the gate was heavily bubbled. Arazu and Hurricane on gate. We went for it. A Rapier decloaked, and we scattered a bit. Arazu cloaked and ran, while Hurricane tried to burn off. He had been sitting the bubbles, and it cost him. Boom.

We warped to D7 gate and held there for a bit. We ended up killing an Omen that warped at range... as 100km for a Dramiel is a blink of an eye.

As our IT KB is down atm :( I will post from Battleclinic. Yes I know that requires a login.

This Drake that jumped in from D7T and was stuck in the bubbles. He tried to reapproach but Drakes are slow and he was webbed and scrammed . This was epicly fit. I'm not sure what he was fitting for... maybe incomplete ratting setup? 2x Invuln 1x Heat Dissipation with an empty low and no highs... so I figured he was going to jet cans at us for DPS or something.

After he died we killed another Drake. This Drake had been sitting in the bubbles on the D7T since before we arrived, even watched his fellow Drake friend die. Assumed bait. After staring at it for five minutes we decided to go for it anyways. His fit was pretty standard... except for the cap booster. In my opinion, sacrificing tank for more cap is dumb. But hey, what do I know?

Another jumper was this Myrmidon, who surveyed our gang and tried to reapproach with no joy. Pretty standard mixed T1/T2 fitting seemingly based on skill limitations. Not sure why he spent the money on trimarks but not rolled tungsten plates...

After a dry spell we moved back to camping the MSHD gate. First we killed this Cane found on the gate. Shortly thereafter we had a Flycatcher land on the bubbles in line with the station. We killed him insanely fast. He didn't even have time to bubble anything, just died. As he was popping directional filled up with hostiles. We burned off and sure enough, a medium sized fleet drops in the anchored bubbles in line with station.

We laughed in local for minute, chiding NC for their "bait ship". Whether or not he was bait was never verified, but it seemed that way. Better to use a ship that can tank... and have a couple cloaked Rapiers nearby to catch stragglers.

After dancing around their gang we warped back to the D7T gate. Killed another Omen and another Drake. This Drake... well... all I can say is dumb. The Drake was completely unfitted. Perhaps he planned to fit in H-W... but he jumped into a hostile system with active enemies and no scout. He deserved to die. And boy did he die quick.

Comedy moment of the evening was shortly after the Drake kill. We were trying to scan down a Cerberus that was near the gate when a shuttle appeared on directional scan. We readied to kill the shuttle, and when he landed... surprise. He decloaked a bomber that was sitting on the edge of the anchored bubbles, presumably warping in from the station just like the shuttle did. Fail. They both died.

We picked off another bomber, a Thrasher and another Cane before heading home. Bomber was fit with a cloak and MWD, nothing else... I guess it was night of the fail fits.

All in all we spent around 2 hrs in H-W bouncing around and killing things that were bubbled on the gates. There was some banter in local, most of it friendly. A couple notable exceptions were some guy from OWN... who was told to shut up by his "OWN" leader in local ~lol~ and a guy from Defy. Hats off to the MM and Rage gentleman who know how to properly banter in local.

So despite not re-reinforcing the station a few hours earlier, we still managed to have some fun.

As for yesterday, I was limited on EVE. Day off from work meant motorcycle rides, poker, running/lifting and I did see Robin Hood last night. Enjoyed the movie quite a bit.

That is all.

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Rixx Javix said...

Good times. Amazing how stupid some people can be, I'm amazed at some of the fits I see on kms. Although I'm perfectly content to exploit that.