May 12, 2010

Solo Falcon

So as I was reviewing my postings... I realized I had forgotten to share an awesome morning experience I had a couple weeks ago. In reviewing I remembered that what had started as a good morning ended with me losing a Falcon when FC ordered warp to an outbound gate to engage a gang... without realizing said gate was bubbled. Both Falcons died, a Daredevil died, while the majority of ceptors and all Dramiels in our gang got out.

Needless to say I emo logged for the rest of the day.

But I had fun with said Falcon earlier in the day. So the story I shall share.

So I woke up April 28th, later in the morning. No work, happy day.

Decided to head down this pipe/dead end constellation that had lots of carebears in it. I threw some heavy pulse lasers on my Falcon (horribad, right?) and rolled down said pipe. I snooped around this area, which is populated by Vanguard and Spacemonkeys Alliance. I noticed some hauler traffic jumping through a gate... repeatedly. More than 1 hauler. In fact 4 were moving something somewhere.


I set up shop in UC3H on the 6GWE gate in Pure Blind. Watched Ittys and Badgers go out. First one that came back was an Iteron IV. Boom. Empty. Damn.

I had warped off gate after killing the Itty IV for fear of repercussion. Yet my directional stayed empty, and no bump in local. Wow.

With that kill I now knew that the product flow was out of system, and all the haulers on the way back in would be empty. I had also observed one of the haulers, an Itty V, was using an off gate warpin. He would warp to that spot, then down to the gate I was sitting at, and out. I was intrigued by this, and after the second time I headed towards the spot. He came back through and filled up again, warping to the spot a third time. he was only 50 off now (instead of 200) and I reset my bearing (which was very close to right on). After traveling the distance needed I stopped and waited.

After five minutes he came back through, warped off. I waited. Five minutes later I picked him up on scan... shortly after he landed. 5k off of me.

Hot damn.

I decloaked, locked him up, pointed while switching to Imperial Navy Multis for max damage. It took over a minute for him to die, but die he did.

The Iteron V was loaded. No need for that plex now, I was set for another month or two. I grabbed as much as I could of the small expensive stuff and warped to a safe, jetting a can. I warped back for a second load and was bringing that to my can when Leykk saw my killmail in Maverick Command and asked if I wanted help with loot. I responded with an absolutely and over he came in a cloaky hauler. I went back for a third load and found an Iteron IV trying to scoop loot. So I killed it too.

Still no enemy response.

Leykk arrived and loaded up with everything but the POS mods. I warped him to my safe and he took the can contents too. Back home we went; I gave Leykk some of the loot and thanked him for his help. Nice spoils, for a couple hours of sneaking. I am now training for Curse/Pilgrim. Plan to do more solo work with those ships, as Falcon is pretty limited in solo capability. Didn't stop me from having fun with it.

That is all.


Rixx Javix said...

Nice. I've gone out on a few solo roams with the falcon and had some luck, but mostly its limitations in bringing enough dps to bear limit how much it can do alone.

Latro said...

Never cease to amaze me how so many folks "do dumb things" like haul expensive stuff without scouts and/or escorts.

Also, Curse/Pilgrim flying provides a lot more opportunity to mess with said folks. Just pick yer target well and have at it. Good hunting.