May 27, 2010

Killing in Delve

Tonight I was bringing a new Pilgrim home, with my alt in a Viator with my new Curse. I made the run through Aridia without issue, and into Delve. One jump out of NOL a neut in local showed up, and begin following. After a couple jumps he started landing on gate with me. Drake.

I led him up the pipe towrads 5-C, where Easley, Bone and Agro were waiting. Easley was sporting the usual Cane, Bone in a Vaga and Agro in a Drake. As I was moving another neut, whom I assumed was his friend/alt, also joined the chase in an unknown shiptype. I led him right into the gatecamp in 4XO... and low and behold he managed to get back to the gate and jump.


We all de-aggressed and jumped through, and I was the first to hit the out gate... and there he was. I sat and and waited; if he started aligning out I would point him. As my compadres started landing he did... so I dropped the point on him and he jumped. His Loki friend also landed on gate at this time and jumped. I de agressed with Agro in the Drake... the Loki bounced back on the other side to us. I neuted him badly as he reapproached, but I couldn't get the scram and web on him fast enough and he got back and jumped. He cloaked on the other side. Our Vaga managed a decloak on him (?) but the hostile Drake had 5 ECM drones on Bone and his Vaga was useless. Easley kept the Drake pointed and he died just as Aggro and jumped through. Aggro got on the mail... I didn't :(

The Loki almost died twice. So close... but Easley rammed the gate and lost point the second time we caught up to him on the way to NOL. We'll get him next time.

We moved on and scouting, I found a Curse moving up the pipe to Fountain. He jumped right into our gang, reapproached and instead of jumping died. Apparently he had just left DICE or something... not sure. I also didn't get on this mail :(
We moved into Delve core and played around for a bit, then Easley got this Drake aggressed. He was Snigwaffe. We all jumped in, and as his shields were going down.... he ejected. Yes. Ejected. Like 10 seconds before he died. Ejected.

We laughed.

He tried to play nonchalant in local... as if everyone ejects long before their ship dies. I was tempted to scoop it... but we killed it instead.

Check out his fit:
We laughed again.

I got on that mail. SO I was happy.
We then headed home.
Not bad for an hour of playtime.
That is all.

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