May 8, 2010

Short but Sweet

Last night I went and lifted for the first time in almost two weeks. For some of you who lead a sedentary life, this doesn't mean much. I pride myself on being in peak physical condition. Funny part of taking a vacation... your motivation to do anything but be lazy drops like a rock. So vacation is over, and old habits continue. Endorphines FTW.

After the gym and some excessive high speed motorcycle riding, I logged onto my beautiful EVE.

A fight was just finishing up in Dp- (3j out of X-7). Massive losses for the NC response fleet for very little losses on our side. Molle was calling it a wrap as I arrived on scene. USTZ ftw :(

As I was surveying the POS the remnants of the NC fleet were hiding in, Atlas/-A- warped in on said POS and started trying to bump ships out. Too funny. After a few minutes of bumping (with no success) all allied forces started pulling out. I was sitting on the POS in my Manticore wondering what fun I could have after missing the big event. Then over comms "Drake tackled 3V8". I burned over to find a Drake pointed. I decloaked and started lobbing torps at the Drake. Other blues appeared in short order, and the Drake popped. Apparently the Drake had been trying to loot the numerous wrecks on field. Oops.

Vince of ROL had a small gang up, so I joined up with them after re shipping to a Falcon. Our target: a HAC/BC gang reported in the X-7 area.

We chased them up through J-C, X47, KQK and O-Y before they doubled back into KQK. We jumped back in to KQK, and our scout reported them 200 off the O-B gate. We warped to the O-B gate at 0 and bubbled ourselves (no aggro meant we could jump if needed). The NC gang sat 200km above the gate.

We waited.

In local, being the smartass I am, I typed "I TOO, LOVE STARING CONTESTS". Their gang and our gang were equal in size and composition.

The NC gang was full speed aligned off at this point, and our prober had a warp in on them. As if on que, they threw up a bubble inbetween our fleet and theirs... damn. We warped our dictor off gate and aligned him back to the NC gang... Their gang aligned down to the gate... our bubble dropped and we aligned up to them.

Intense, I know.

Vince made the call. "Dictor warp to (scout) at 0 bubble on land. Beatiful timing had their bubble drop a second later. Our dictor landed on their gang, which was in a nice little ball. He bubbled and bam, we warped right at them.

Primaries were called, our dictor died, and 3x Curse and my Falcon made the dictor the only casualty for our side. We annihilated them to be quite honest. For our dictor loss we took down 2 Zealots, 2 Feroxs, Flycather, Muninn, Curse, Harbinger, Phobos and an Onyx.

The rest of their gang managed to bug out. GFs were said in local, and Vince took us home. He went to bed, and I decided that I would retire early as well, given early work the next day.

It was a short but eventful evening for me, thanks to Vince Draken for the good fight.

That is all.

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